The School

You bring the talent and desire. We, the tools and the method

The professional illustration linked to the industry of videogames and animation in addition to the merchandising derived from these, it is a constantly growing sector that needs trained professionals to create the graphic content that is needed. At Iboix we know this because over the last 20 years we have had the opportunity to work and train artists for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Mattel, Lego and other large companies in the entertainment industry. 

This experience makes us more knowledgeable than any other training center the real needs of the market and constitutes the basis of our teaching method. Our learning system is totally practical and with a clear professionalizing perspective. Far from what is offered by the more traditional training centers.

Students work in small groups and the classrooms are equipped with the same technological material used in professional studios.

We do a personalized follow-up and take care of the personal and professional trajectory of each student. Teachers are professional experts with close ties within the working world, and they provide a real vision of the industry and the the syllabus includes most of the artistic specialties needed to work in the video game industry, editorial illustration and animation for film, television, and advertising. 

This is Iboix Escola, an environment that develops creativity and generates opportunities, where affinities are discovered in a community of creative people and advanced illustration professionals are trained.

Why Ibox?

  • 800 m2 of first class facilities 5 min from train and bus
  • A computer and graphic tablet per student
  • Multidisciplinary training: Editorial Illustration-Animation-Art for Videogames
  • Syllabus prepared by specialists. Teaching adjusted to reality
  • In person, hybrid and online modality
  • Involved and coordinated team
  • Active artists as teachers
  • Personalized follow-up
  • Internships in national companies and management of internships abroad
  • Scholarships for talent and performance
  • Extensive network of industry connections and own job bank
  • Collaboration agreements with UVic- Central University of Catalonia and Escola Pia Granollers
  • Students accommodations

Complete your training in a professional studio

Gain experience, without fear of being wrong

Iboix Lab

The plus

All our students do internships. Some in external companies under agreement and others in the school itself.

Within Iboix Labthe Iboix Lab, students participate in real professional projects, working side by side with more experienced artists.

Senior artists advise student interns during projects and oversee final material before delivering it to the clients. The coordination and correct management of the work is supported by the usual structure of our studio.

Our track record as a professional studio keeps us in touch with publishers, studios and production companies around the world. This guarantees Iboix Lab the arrival of new and exciting projects, continuously.