talent scholarship

50% discount in the registration

Those over 18 years of age interested in accessing the Degree in Professional Illustration, in face-to-face mode, can present their candidacy. To request it, send an email to gestiondebecas@iboix.com with your contact information, portfolio or link where we can see your drawings (they can be created digitally or on paper) and tell us something about yourself, such as why you want to train at Iboix, artists, comics, series you admire and what would be your ideal job .

  • Registration period: from February 1st until the March 31st.
  • Scholarship resolution date: April 15

performance scholarship

50% discount of a school year

Well yes. A whole school year at half price. All students enrolled in the Degree in Professional Illustration in face-to-face mode are automatically eligible for this scholarship.

The Scholarship rewards students who have a particularly outstanding academic trajectory and performance.

Intership Preparation Program (IPP)

A unique opportunity

Imagine an Erasmus scholarship, but instead of going to another school abroad, your destination is one of the companies where they have been created Frozen, Arcane either How to train your Dragon,  and your goal to show them that you can work for them. For this you need to defend yourself in English and count with the support of a specialized school. 

If you are a 4th year student of our Degree in Illustration and have the appropriate artistic level, you will choose to be part of the IIPP program (Iboix Internships Preparation Program). We will advise you and prepare your candidacy in a personalized way so that you can apply properly and jobs in Disney, dreamworks either Riot Games Don't be an unattainable dream.

single parent family

50% discount in the registration of the Degree

Large family

50% discount in the registration of the Degree


8% discount